Vajrayogini Vajrayogini, is a representation of complete Buddhahood in female form, whose practices are associated with the Chakrasamvara Cycle of Anuttarayoga Tantra. Vajrayoginī is a tantric deity with no counterpart in Mahāyana Buddhism. Her mantra is: oṃ vajrayoginī hūṃ phaṭ svāhā



Measurements: Length: 36.5″ breadth: 22.5″
Origin: Nepal
Product code: BTFLY020
Medium: Acrylics, Gouache, golden color and mineral pigments on cotton
Quality: All the paintings are prepared is a proper manners & authentic techniques by the proficient members of our school.
Delivery: The Painting will be shipped within 24 hours of order received through ARAMAX and reached to the customer within 5 to 7 business days after it is shipped.
Actual color of the painting may differ due to the various depth of color in screen & monitor.


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